JIC : Jura Indistriel & Créatif
Jura Industriel & Créatif
vitrine de l'économie jurassienne


Reception office

The showcase of the economy in the Jura is located in rooms adjoining those of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Jura (CCIJ). It is equipped with modern technical and audiovisual means. Companies can meet their customers, organise meetings or hold conferences in these rooms.

Multimedia system

The companies' skills and products are listed in the central server. Information is displayed and presented in an attractive manner via interactive terminals. Data is regulary updated. A research module allows various subjects to be selected. Each company figuring in the central server can access information on itself on one or several CD-ROM.


The central server of JIC SA offers companies the opportunity of entering the world of Internet. This elctronic support gives access to the data listed in the multimedia system.